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Contract Technology Managment Services

  • Develop and oversee execution of a rolling year IT (information technology) strategic plan and an IT architecture. The plan will include key initiatives with annual objectives, targets, and measures.

  • Perform technology due diligence, strategic planning, and manage technology integration for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and expansions.

  • Develop and manage an IT budget.

  • Provide monthly or quarterly IT status reports to executive management.

  • Conduct technology needs and cost/benefit analysis.

  • Develop requests for proposal, review proposals and technology options, and recommend solutions.

  • Select technology vendors.

  • Manage vendors and technology projects.

  • Negotiate technology contracts and procurements.

  • Develop and implement IT policies and procedures.

  • Assist in the recruitment, retention, and termination of technology staff.

  • Develop and coordinate technology training programs for all staff.

  • Review emerging technologies of possible interest.

  • Manage business risks through policy and procedure development and periodic audits.

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